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Partners in Crime Animation and Design Studio Motion Design, Graphic Design

Formula E

Gearing up for a rebrand and the reveal of the Gen 3 performance vehicle.

Project Overview

When this one dropped into our inbox we were ecstatic! A dream job with a dream client and just the kind of forward facing brand we want to be involved with. But sometimes, even when you have the biggest ideas and you go above and beyond, things don’t necessarily go your way.

Unfortunately the FIA did not go ahead with our brand mark, however they did run with an adapted version of our design system and pushed forth with the animation principles we explored. A bit of a punch to the gut, but it is work we are proud of so we just have to share it with you.


  • Research & Development
  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Motion Behaviours
  • CGI
  • Design


  • Client: FIA Formula E
  • Branding: PIC
  • Design: PIC, Counterpart
  • CGI: PIC
  • Motion: PIC

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